Isabel Skovgaard Shankle

Born: Copenhagen, 1957
Residing: Charlotte, NC


Emotion - raw, powerful, undressed - is the spontaneous reaction to experienced reality. Art, whether through sound, movement, image, form or words, documents this experience and is the universally understood language that helps us understand each other, ourselves and the ever-changing world.

Isabel Shankle is a painter, as well as a yoga/meditation teacher. A native of Denmark, she left the place and her roots to live, love and work in America.

Anyone who has made such a dramatic departure from all that is familiar and comforting knows that the adjustment is as painful as it is stimulating.
Every time.
Life has a way of replaying this experience by throwing in sharp turns and blows, offering, every so often, joy, moments of serenity and unpreparedness.
I have been documenting mine.
Recently I experienced a loss that left me without a will to breathe.
I lost my youngest child, my one son, Orfeus.
The skies closed, the light died and all thought was reduced to the pain of his absence. 
My soul was crying for water, rivers, oceans to dilute the pain.
Water, the primal element, the essential diluter, cleanser, the crucible of life on earth, the medium that connects and separates continents, people, cultures and states of mind.
I got my paints and brushes out again.
I conjure water in all its moods, its depths, its promises, and its covering up.
We have found each other again!