In the reflection of the past, the story of the present unfolds. A sense of identity. The Traditions and Rituals, dramatic journeys and moments that have shaped us and the lives before us that have the power to carry us back - but in the here and NOW the story is ours to tell ANEW. Using Image to make sense of history and self. 

This is how it is for me, when I retrieve back to my native Scandinavia allowing the Nordic Sea to wash away the unnecessary and any sorrow, and emerge myself into the blue, clear wave, healing, and allowing the inspiration to take over.



Was not the sea
Made for the Free, 
Land for courts and chains alone? 
Here we are slaves, 
But, on the waves, 
Love and Liberty's all our own. 
No eye to watch, and no tongue to wound us
All earth forgot, and all heaven around us -- 
Then come o'er the sea, 
Maiden, with me, 
Mine through sunshine, storms, and snows
Seasons may roll, 
But the true soul
Burns the same, where'er it goes.